Lower cost for living #1

Is you rent to high for you to pay? Your morgage to high? Tell us and we find a way so you can live without stress about money.

If what you ask is reasonable, we can help you. We help with the basic needs, not with luxery.

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Make the world a better place #2

You have a project, an idea to create, to build for a better world? You need funding?

As long as the goal is: to make the world a better place.

Tell us and we will figure out a way for funds to flow to you so you can start your great project.

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Help the needy #3

You have to take care of a sick familymember and aren't abel to work enough hours? Take care of disabeled  people? Helping streetkids, homeless people or others in need?

You are a hero doing that! These funds are here to assist you so you can help others.

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We ask that you come from your heart, that you are honest and have respect for all living beings and the earth herself. That you mean no harm to anyone or anything.

Only then the money can be for free. With no attachments, no intrest and no costs.

This is for you and me, not for companies or big buisness, not for groups, not for couples, only for 1 honest person at a time.

We will honor your request if everything fits.

Image that everybody has enough money. Image a world without stress about money.  A world with happy people as it was ment to be!



We ask a fee to raise the bar so only real serieus people send us their request.

The fee is 33 Euro per person per request. If your request is honored, you get your 33 Euro back.

Tells us

Make a copy of your passport so we can see your picture clearly. Fill in your ISBN number and your IBAN. Answer the questions honestley, fill in the form and send a short video. Add your phone number so we can call you if we need more info.

You can read and write but if you want to send it in, you have to pay your fee first.

Max. 10.000 € per person per year.

If everything is ok, we will send you the amount of money you asked for.